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Homecoming Weekend


Saturday: Homecoming Games and Sponsor Recognition

*please remember that even if FARC fields are closed Obrecht Field is OPEN

Sunday: 5K and Fun Run


8:00- 9:00AM: Same Day Registration/ Packet Pick-up

9:30 AM 5K Start

10:30 AM Fun Run 1 mile walk/run start

Post-Race Awards at the Finish Line


There is still time to register: HERE



posted 09/30/2016
Help Nicholas Tasker Kick Cancer to the Curb

THE STORY....Nick is your everyday 8 year old, he loves to play football for Arbutus and gosh don't even think to put Legos in front of him because you won't see him for hours. Nick was living his life as any 8 year old would, spending his days going to school at Westtown elementary coming home playing with his younger brother and sister and playing football for the Arbutus Eagles. On Saturday Nicholas went to his football game as he always did except when he walked off the field he didn't feel the same as he did the day prior this time he walked off and was in pain! Nicks mom thought maybe it's just tired muscles but nicks behavior showed otherwise, so immediately she went to the doctors who in turn sent her straight to St Agnes emergency room. While his parents waited for the doctor to come back after a cat scan they knew something wasn't right when they asked to speak to them outside the room away from Nick's presence. The doctor told his parents every parent's worst fears that they had found a 9 cm mass in his abdomen and needed transported straight to John Hopkins Children Hospital for further testing, sadly Nick didn't get to go home test confirmed not only did he have cancer but it was a Rare form and had spread to his lungs already. Nicks mom and dad are your average family they both work every day but struggle like many of us do and live paycheck to paycheck and now due to Nick needing to stay in the hospital for surgeries, bone marrow testing, biopsies, chemotherapy and radiation they will have to miss multiple days of work. This page is solely to raise money to go straight to Nick and his family to help out financially in any and every way possible please stop and think what if this was your son or daughter would you want people to help? Anything is appreciated and any amount WILL help. So please let's help nick #KICKASS Literally people in the blink of an eye she watched her son my nephew walk off the football field and into a hospital bed to fight his hardest fight ...the one for his life. NICK'S DONATION PAGE

posted 09/30/2016
Raider Nation News

posted 04/30/2016




Please help keep our fields neat, clean and safe for all of our guests.

by posted 07/01/2015
Freedom Area Recreation Council: ADA Statement
The Americans with Disabilities Act applies to the Carroll County Government and its programs, services, activities, and facilities. Anyone requiring an auxiliary aid or service for effective communication or who has a complaint should contact The Department of Citizen Services, 410.386.3600 or 1.888.302.8978 or MD Relay 7-1-1/1.800.735.2258 as soon as possible but no later than 72 hours before the scheduled event.  

by posted 01/01/2001
Field Status
Freedom Park - Sykesville TBD (10/1) 
Obrecht Field - Sykesville OPEN (10/1) 

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